Lene Gammelgaard – The World Class Motivational Speaker

Man is a social animal and he needs to communicate with other social beings in order to survive in this world. Speech is the biggest gift of God to man, but sometimes we are born with some deformities. Speech deformities are one of a kind. The human body is a complex thing and difficult to understand.

the speaker agency

Speech disabilities are of varied kinds, such as:

•    Apraxia of speech
•    Cluttering
•    Verbal dysrexia
•    Dysnrthria
•    Muteness
•    Speech sound disorders
•    Stuttering And so on.

Where a person has thoughts, but does not have proper words to define him. Where thoughts are created but are not transformed into words. This is one such living nightmare for every person. But, Lene Gammelgaard is here for your rescue.

Lene Gammelgaard provides the speaker agency that works solely for the benefit of people who wants to self-motivate and communicate to create desired progressive momentum. These agencies work in sessions and provide Leadership & speech training to people.

Sessions include innovative mission schemes and proper visualizing for the candidates. People are provided with the utmost care and attention. Not only adults, children and adolescents are also taken into consideration in such speech sessions.

These sessions include speeches by motivational speakers also. Not only this, they provide for reading scripts and role plays and drama sessions for the patients.

When being motivated by someone who has revived this nightmare of speech disability, a huge amount of confidence is generated.

Various online and offline sessions/seminars are available for treating people. Speech is your gift, and there are people to take care of your gift with love and affection.


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