My Heart Is Bleeding For Nepal

My heart is bleeding for Nepal. The country and its people have given me so much and taught me life altering lessons. The greatest gift from Nepal is not summiting Everest but my eldest daughter Srijana. I was able to adopt her 7 years ago – thanks to Mr. Lila Bhandari – founder of the DOCS Foundation in Nepal.

Lila has dedicated his life to improve the lives of children who have no others to take care of them.

The earthquake in Nepal caused to injured children at the orphanage where I first meet my daughter and ended up living with Lila, his family and 70 small children.

I ask you to consider if you can do without a small amount of money today – and send them to Lila? Even the smallest amount can make a huge difference in the lives of the children Lila’s are in touch with.

I have known Lila Bhandari for almost 10 years now – and I personally guarantee that all donations goes 100% to the children. Here is todays update from Lila in Katmandu after learning my brother and his wife donated money to help restore what the earthquake has destroyed.

“Dear Brother Claus,
Thank you for your generous support,

All of us are survived, two children of orphanage have injured while coming out of house.

No electricity, no water, started price hike of goods, people making from undue advantage from this tragedy. Food crisis will happen soon, I want to reserve edible goods first”
Our bank information is:
Everest Bank Ltd.
Patan Branch, Harihar-Bhavan Road,
Pulchowk, Lalitpur. Nepal
Account Name: DOCS Foundation Nepal
Account No: 01200105200210
Swift code : EVBLNPKA
I will keep updating you,
With best regards,

With the warmest and deep-felt emotions

Lene Gammelgaard


An Event Designed For Keynote Training & Development, Learning and Performance of Experts

Now days in the business world, employees are so distant from each other and often disengage from the work they do, that they cannot find any motivation to work as a team and turn out good result. They might not get the feeling of belonging within the organization due to a lack of communication with the people around them.keynote training (3)An effective training session and development means learning into doing and doing into desires. Keynoters will guide you and inspire you. These days companies are providing motivational keynote training, which can helpful in keeping up the employees self-esteem and bounding. By the help of keynote training employees go over their work priorities and goal, hence their work more frequently and more energetically. They can offer their best work for the company.

These training sessions are also helpful in leadership training within the employees and other department of the company. The training plays an important part in the development of your career. Leadership training helps an individual to build a positive approach in his attitude and a clear direction in his character.

Being a part of this leadership training program help you build leadership quality and skills to create your career a resounding success.  At the corporate level, it is essential to motivate and inspire employees to work with great team strength. For that, expert speaker, trainer that can offers speeches to inspire and motivate listeners. They bring their speech with the purpose of inspiring or motivating the viewers. These days, almost every business & organization is hiring speakers to take a session during any business events and meetings. If you are finding for corporate speakers, then you make can contact with Lene Gammelgaard for conference & seminars. She is the world class speaker for corporate meeting and event.

If you are planning to organize business meeting & event on a huge level and wish to make it successful then, don’t forget to call such kind of motivational corporate speaker. These speakers will bring the beauty of your event. To hire this category of speaker, contact with any specialized speaker agency and bring your event most thriving.

Lene Gammelgaard – The World Class Motivational Speaker

Man is a social animal and he needs to communicate with other social beings in order to survive in this world. Speech is the biggest gift of God to man, but sometimes we are born with some deformities. Speech deformities are one of a kind. The human body is a complex thing and difficult to understand.

the speaker agency

Speech disabilities are of varied kinds, such as:

•    Apraxia of speech
•    Cluttering
•    Verbal dysrexia
•    Dysnrthria
•    Muteness
•    Speech sound disorders
•    Stuttering And so on.

Where a person has thoughts, but does not have proper words to define him. Where thoughts are created but are not transformed into words. This is one such living nightmare for every person. But, Lene Gammelgaard is here for your rescue.

Lene Gammelgaard provides the speaker agency that works solely for the benefit of people who wants to self-motivate and communicate to create desired progressive momentum. These agencies work in sessions and provide Leadership & speech training to people.

Sessions include innovative mission schemes and proper visualizing for the candidates. People are provided with the utmost care and attention. Not only adults, children and adolescents are also taken into consideration in such speech sessions.

These sessions include speeches by motivational speakers also. Not only this, they provide for reading scripts and role plays and drama sessions for the patients.

When being motivated by someone who has revived this nightmare of speech disability, a huge amount of confidence is generated.

Various online and offline sessions/seminars are available for treating people. Speech is your gift, and there are people to take care of your gift with love and affection.

Speakers Role in the Event

If you are planning a business meeting or any special event for your company, professional speaker is right selection for that. Now days keynote speaker was important for any event or meeting. The perfect speaker for this type of meeting is those who are highly knowledgeable about the business events.

Swiss Re OpenThe speaker is an individual who shares the story of success, failure, hard work, and strength of mind. The speaker is the only person who only can motivate an individual with their thrilling speeches. They have the ability to make the event a resounding success with their motivational and powerful message. Professional speakers are the leaders and successful entrepreneur from within the business world.

Motivation plays an essential part in human’s life. A Motivational or inspirational speaker can help you to improve quality of life. As individuals are busy in their own life routine and they don’t have much time for themselves. A motivational speaker helps people to work for their target and by their motivational speech people understand that how to live a good life. There are types of speaker available, including:

•    Keynote speaker
•    Motivational speaker
•    Inspirational speaker
•    Educational speaker
•    Corporate Speaker
•    Leadership training & development expert
•    Thought leader & Author

The speaker presents various roles at an event, as according to the specific need of the client. The motivational speeches given by the speaker give people hope, and makes the viewers want to live a better life. A keynote speaker’s speech should encourage and combine an audience with a common purpose. It is the quality of a keynote speaker to keep the audience in a single mind. Organizations, school and colleges invite business speakers to inspire and motivate their employees and students.

A motivational speaker is an individual who can create a delightful effect in an unmotivated group. The speech of a motivational speaker gives power to handle difficult situations in life with an optimistic attitude. It is good for businessmen to Organize speeches from versatile and powerful speaker.

Finding the speaker is not easy as it looks. The speaker you select must have all the similar qualities to inspire and motivate the viewers. Some of the qualities require a great speaker:

•    Pleasant speaking voice
•    Intimate awareness of the topic
•    Capacity to inspire and enhance self-belief
•    Understanding of the viewers
•    New and captivating ideas
•    Listen to people

A speaker can only motivate and inspire others if they have the usual quality to connect. Speakers have the ability to inspire others and build up confidence in listeners. Immature or inexperience speaker might be spoiling the whole event so it is good to select a professional speaker.

The wide knowledge of a speaker boost up the great energy onto the listener’s mind and can also motivate you for your physical problem as well. A motivational speaker can also help an individual to start thinking about the future that is unable to forget their past. Professional speakers are very essential part of our humankind. With their skills and knowledge, an individual can achieve whatever they want to get in their life.

To hire a speaker you should contact to speaker bureau or speaker agents. Speaker bureau is the right place and they will help you in finding the right speaker according to the event. The speaker you select will set the nature of your entire business event, so be sure to prefer wisely.

Author Bio: Lene Gammelgaard is the world class motivational & keynote speaker. Her speech can motivate you to another level. Contact Lene Gammelgaard for corporate meetings or events. For more details have look on website:

Speaker Agents and Conference Organizers

The new world, taking birth out of the older one is the one which is just the advancement of the previous one. With which people are too making themselves advanced. A lay man too wants to stay updated in any sense, so that he can make himself stand in from of the world and can show that he, too, having those skills that makes him better or competitive in front of the world. But for that too we all need skills and those qualities which make us unique in front to the audience. And today if we have skills still we do not have those platforms.

Swiss Re Open

But now you won’t face this kind of problem because if you have a skill we will provide that asset to you which will make you proud of yourself. Because here we give that enhancement to you which is needed by you to keep you out of the crowd. Where some help we will do for you and some will be done by you because today we need those people who are better at their speaking skills. And make you feel that environment which is the best for you. The consideration which will be provided to you by us will never be there anywhere else.

Speaking is that the talent of the person which can make a huge difference in one’s life may it be good or bad. But for the betterment of you and us too we would you that those people should come in front who have the best of the speaking skills. Lene Gammelgaard is that path for you to make the dreams of you to turn into the reality. Because getting a good platform in this kind of fighting world is very difficult. But we over here give you a chance to prove that ability of yours which you were found to make your mark in between the people. We need the people who have good communication and management skills and they can present themselves a best of the best speaker agents and conference organizers.

We even can give you those training when you need them because we can understand that how to make out the new ideas out of the person. Just try to give hundred percent of your and make the world a better place to live in for you because the skills and knowledge of you only take you to the higher ends of the world.

Can Corporate Motivational Speakers Make Manager Better Leader?

Corporate motivational speakers are the gurus of business and are treasure houses of profound wisdom about the understanding of human psychology. Corporate speakers are the gurus of business and are treasure houses of profound wisdom about the understanding of human psychology. They are not mere clowns entrusted with the job of tickling the funny bone of the audience. Equipped with years of business experience, having tasted success as well as having learnt from failures in their careers and life they are seasoned pros that provide valuable insight into the workings of a business organization.  They are stand up comedians, business consultants, psychologists, and counselors all rolled into one.Corporate SpeakersAny Hollywood director worth his salt would concur that making others laugh is one of the toughest jobs. It requires expertise and innate talent. Apart from being gifted with talent funny speakers are trained in the art of making people laugh with jokes, quotes, and amusing anecdotes. They are active members of laugh clubs, the Speaker Agencies and their training makes them understand the nuances of laughter therapy.  They crack jokes, act, impersonate, and make faces to make the audience laugh.

Humorous motivational speaker for business build a rapport with their audience within seconds of taking the stage. They are neither bosses nor subordinates of anybody. So they connect with their audience in an easy and friendly manner. Their disarming ways find instant takers. And after winning the audience to their sides they get set to lift up their spirits with humor. With the choicest humor they keep their audience in splits.  Even the most serious and skeptical participant joins in the fun soon. Their peppy and humorous talks dwell on the business issues that form the agenda of the meeting.

Motivational humorous speakers are people that remind us that life is fun. Whatever the situation, there is always a humorous side to it. They encourage using humor as a perspective and accomplishing even the gravest of goals in a light hearted manner. They prod others seeing the hilarious angle and thereby fill meetings with mirth and joy.